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Week 17 Preview

Its week 17 and its weird not having Thursday night football, but maybe it’s for the best seeing as they all have slightly sucked. So let’s preview some exciting football we have coming up on this brisk New Year!!

The Bears will visit the Vikings in their last game of the season. The Vikings had a great start going 5-0 and then all the wheels fell off. Now they will play to win their last home opener. I think the Vikings will win this game at home 26-13.

The Ravens will visit the Bengals in what will be a game with no playoff implications. The Ravens were kicked out of the playoffs after the loss to the Steelers. The Bengals just have a lot of injuries and miss the playoffs for the first time in six years. I believe the Ravens win this game to salvage the season! Ravens win 26-20.

The Texans will visit the Titans in a grudge match. With the Texans already having the division clinched the Titans are playing to finish with their first winning season since 2011. I believe the Titans could pull this one out in front of the home crowd. Titans win this one 23-13.

The Panthers will visit the Bucs in what will be their last game as well. The Bucs had the better season and I think the Bucs end on a high note here at home. Bucs pull this one out on a field goal 26-23.

The Colts will host the Jaguars in their season finale. The Colts lost a must win against the Raiders last week which ended all hopes of a playoff spot. Both teams had a disappointing season and want to end on a good note. I think the Colts win this one for the home crowd 30-20.

The regular season finale with the Dolphins and Patriots has meaning to both teams. A Patriots win means they get home field advantage for the entire AFC playoffs. A Dolphin win would move them from the Number 6 seed to the Number 5 seed and they would play Pittsburg instead of Houston. I have a soft spot for the Dolphins being the underdog. I am picking the Dolphins to beat the Patriots 26-20.

The Bills and Jets will square off without Rex Ryan. This could be Lynns try out to see if the Bills should keep him for next year or interview others. I think the Bills pull this one out in the Lynn debut 20-16.

The Cowboys will visit the Eagles in a game where every starter will be on the bench. The Cowboys already clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Tony Romo is rumored to play Sunday along with Mark Sanchez. I think the Cowboys could still win this game, but the Eagles will have a better chance. Eagles slide by with the win 23-21.

After winning last week against the Chargers the Browns are on cloud nine with that win. Going into Pittsburg the Browns have two choices, lose and get the top pick or win and lose the chance on drafting Garrett. I think the Browns lose this game because the Steelers are just going to win. Pittsburg wins 23-10.

The Falcons and Saints will play for different meanings in this game. Falcons will play for seeding and the Saints will play for .500 record. The Falcons could get the second seed, a week off and a divisional-round game in Atlanta. The Falcons a bit stronger then the Saints, but the Saints are at home! The Falcons will be hype and the game means more to them. I have the Falcons winning this one 29-26.

The Redskins have one game in mind right now and that’s the one against the Giants. Win and their in. The Giants have already clinched a wild card spot. I think the Redskins win this game in front of a loud and hype home crowd! Redskins beat the Giants 30-26.

The Cardinals and Rams will square off in a game to try to end on a high note. Neither team wanted to end this way. What team does? I think the Cardinals win this game against the Rams 20-10.

With Carr out for the Raiders the season looks over. Matt McGloin will have to step up and be as good or better then Carr to get this win against the Broncos. With a win the Raiders can secure the division title and a first-round bye or a loss by Kansas City. I really want the Raiders to pull this out. I think they can and will. I have the Raiders winning 23-16.

The Chiefs will travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers. The Chargers mentality is win and give the Raiders the Division. Lose and watch KC celebrate it all on their field. I think the Chargers are going to play hard to win this game. It is still early for Kansas to start their annual choke, but I like the Chargers in this game at home. Chargers win 30-23.

The Seahawks will travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers. The Seahawks need to win to secure the best seeding for the playoffs. As for the 49ers a loss with a Cleveland win would earn them a first round pick in the draft! SO MUCH DRAMA!! Seattle wins this game 23-10.

Last but not least the Packers and Lions for the NFC North it will be a game for the ages. I think it will be a close game and one mistake could change the game. The Detroit crowd will be into it for sure. Green Bay is looking for the big win. Green Bay is better than Detroit in a lot of ways.  I’m going Green Bay on this one 23-21.

Happy New Year all and have a fantabulous day!