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WristCandy Plus NFL Preview – Week 16

Week 16 of NFL is finally here and it’s going to be a wild ride for some! A lot of teams are MUST wins from here on out. Others are just playing to play. So let’s see who is going to get gifts this Christmas weekend and who is getting coal!

Thursday will start the festivities with the Giants and Eagles. The Giants have been good lately beating the Lions and getting hot at the right time. I think the Giants get the road win against the Eagles 26-13.

Saturday the Redskins will travel to Chicago for an Artic Blast game!! The Bears ALMOST beat the Packers and the Redskins could not beat the Panthers. I know people are picking the Redskins, but I’m going upset this Christmas Eve. A gift for the Bears! Bears win 30-27.

The Dolphins will visit the Buffalo Bills in what I believe is a must win game! The Bills are getting hot and the Dolphins just need to keep winning. I think this will be a good game! I will definitely tune in for this! I think the Dolphins were good enough to get a gift this year! Dolphins win this one 26-21.

The Jets will then visit the Patriots for another game! The Jets almost got them last meeting. I want to pick the Jets but they make it so hard being so up and down. I think the Patriots get the win again squeaking by the Jets 20-16.

The Titans and Jaguars will square off and the Titans NEED to win. The AFC South is getting TIGHT. I think the Titans go into Jacksonville and get the win they need to keep the race tight! Mariota will not disappoint! Titans get their gift this year and win 23-14.

The Packers will then host the Vikings. Well the Packers need to keep winning to catch the Lions and I think the Packers do win against the Vikings. Rodgers is heating up in this cold weather! Packers win this game 35-16.

The Chargers will go to Cleveland to play the Browns. Let’s face it, the Browns aren’t going to win this game with Rivers playing decent and the Browns playing like trash. Chargers get the gift of a win 30-16.

The Falcons will visit Carolina and try to grind out a win! I believe the Panthers will try everything they can to get this Christmas Eve win at home, but the Falcons will prove to be too much for them. The Falcons will get the road win 23-21.

Then the tough game I will watch. My family being Colts fans will be rooting for the Colts, but I will deep down be cheering for the Raiders. Colts will go to the “Black Hole” to try to win out to make the playoffs….I don’t think so. Raiders will get this win against the Colts 23-17.

The Saints will play host to the Bucs. Drew Brees has been good as of late and I LOVE this Saints team at home. Saints win this game for their fans on this holiday 26-20.

The Seahawks will host the Cardinals and try to keep winning before the playoffs begin. I don’t think the Seahawks will lose in front of a rowdy crowd, BUT the Cardinals are a TOUGH team. I am going upset on this one. Cardinals win 16-13.

The LA Rams will host the 49ers in what I think will be Goffs break out game! Nothing against the 49ers but the defense is not all that great, and LA needs this win at home. I think the Rams get this win 13-6.

The Texans will host the Bengals in what I think is a MUST win for the Texans. The division they are in is so CLOSE. Houston is good and that comeback win was marvelous. I think the Texans get this home win 21-20.

Christmas Day the Ravens and Steelers will square off and it will be a close one. The Steelers are heating up at the right time! Baltimore is not out of the playoffs talk just yet I think the Ravens come into Pittsburg and UPSET the Steelers 23-20.

The Broncos will then face off with the Chiefs. As much as I dislike the Chiefs, the Broncos are nothing to be scared of. Siemian is nothing fancy, but Smith is not an elite quarterback by any means. This will be a good one, Chiefs want in to the playoffs and the Broncos are outside looking in…Chiefs lose at home TWICE ??? Nah..Chiefs win this one at home 23-13.

Monday night football will be the Cowboys and Lions. This will be a good game with two good quarterbacks going against each other. The Cowboys just want to keep winning. The Lions need to redeem themselves. I think Prescott has a good game and the Cowboys win 30-24.

Well that’s all for this week and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!